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Preserve your memories by transferring your old videos to DVD or Flash Drive

Don't risk losing your precious memories to the effects of time. Make them permanent by converting them to DVD or flash drive!

Do you have old vhs, vhs-c, video 8, beta, or mini-dv videotapes of your most memorable moments? Did you know that videotapes degrade over time and can lose quality with each viewing? Now is the time to transfer your old videos to DVD or flash drive. Converting your videos to DVD or flash drive offers preservation, compatibility, and convenience! Relive your memories for years to come utilizing our quick and affordable Video To DVD or Flash Drive Transfer Service. Put It On Video, of the Des Moines, Iowa area can convert most formats including VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Beta, Video 8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, and more. Share your memories with family and friends by ordering extra copies! Copies are always available at a discounted price.

Home Video Tapes Don't Last Forever - But Your Home Videos Can 

Videotapes are fragile - even playing them can cause damage. Even if stored properly, your videotapes may only last 10 to 15 years before starting to degrade. That means that millions of home videos are at risk for degradation. But your memories don't have to fade away. Have Put It On Video's Video To DVD or Flash Drive service convert your videos to DVD format or flash drive so that they're preserved and protected for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What formats do you transfer to dvd?

Put It On Video's video to dvd or flash drive transfer service can convert all formats of videotapes to dvd or flash drive including VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Video 8, Digital 8, High 8, and mini-dv.

How long will my video to dvd or flash drive order take to process?

Some video to dvd/flash drive transfer orders can be processed the same day. However, generally the time that it takes to complete your order is dependent on the number of tapes we are transferring to dvd or flash drive. If you need your video tape to dvd or flash drive transfer order completed by a certain deadline, let us know and we are always glad to assist you. We have a substantial amount of equipment dedicated to our video to dvd or flash drive transfer service and can normally fulfill orders faster than you might normally expect.

One of my videotapes is broken. Can you repair it and convert it to a dvd or flash drive?

Yes, one of our many services is Videotape Repair. We can repair virtually any type of video tape for a very reasonable charge.

Can you add multiple tapes onto a single dvd or flash drive?


Do you send my tapes out?

No. All work is done on our premises.

Are my videotapes returned to me after they are transferred to dvd or flash drive?


Can you make additional copies of my dvd or flash drive for my family members and friends?

Yes. Additional copies may be made for a very reasonable charge. Our DVD/Flash Drive duplication services offer you quick turnaround at very reasonable prices.

Is there a deposit due when I drop my tapes off?

No. We don't feel we should be paid until we complete your order.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We take Mastercard, Visa, and Discover (as well as checks and cash)

Videotape Fast Facts

  • Videotape and all forms of recording tape are the same in that they're magnetic. The first video recording tapes were rust covered with paper backing. When it was discovered that magnetic tape produced better results, magnetic recorders were built. In 1956, the Apex company introduced the first practical videotape machine.

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