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Preserve your precious memories before it's too late! We can transfer your old home movies to DVD or flash drive for a convenient and permanent solution to film degradation, allowing you to easily play your digitally restored home movies right on your TV or computer! Whether you want to do a film transfer for a Regular 8, Super 8, or 16mm film, our state-of-the-art telecine transfer frame-by-frame scanning system assures you of the highest quality transfer available. We'll even add free background music, a personalized title screen, and we'll edit out your bad film! No more sifting through boxes of old movie reels. No more setting up the movie projector. No more burned out projector bulbs. Just pop your DVD or flash drive in and presto, your old movie memories come to life right on your TV or computer! This is a great way to archive your old movies for generations to come. Our 30 years of experience in film transfer and digital restoration assures you of the best film to DVD or flash drive transfer possible!
Since 1984, Put It On Video has built an impressive list of satisfied clients which expand well beyond Des Moines and includes TV stations, local, state, and federal government agencies, museums, corporations, historical societies, libraries, NBC Dateline, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, and many, many others. We’re also proud to say that we were chosen by the Iowa State Historical Society for a frame-by-frame film transfer that was used in the very popular “Floppy” exhibit at the Iowa State Historical Building.

Regular 8 Film Transfers | Super 8 Film Transfers | 16mm Film TransfersWHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TRANSFERRING YOUR HOME MOVIE FILM TO DVD OR FLASH DRIVE

Put it On Video, of the Des Moines, Iowa area is one of the very few “in-house” film to video scanning transfer labs in Iowa and has been transferring film for 30 years! We have a great reputation for doing quality film transfer and digital restoration work and we make sure that our customers get the best possible film scanning transfer at a very reasonable price. We also include free background music and a title screen with your film transfer order. In addition, we will also do some limited editing. Our 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film to dvd or flash drive transfers and digital restoration are all 100% digital which means that you get the cleanest image technically possible.
Please note that all of our services including film scanning transfers are performed in-house. Nothing is sent out. That is an important consideration for most of our customers. Your precious memories (tapes, discs, films, slides, photos, etc.) are irreplaceable. Outsourcing them only increases the chance of loss and makes it much more difficult to maintain good quality control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Put It On Video's film transfer process significantly better than others?

Put It On Video is one of the few film transfer labs in the Midwest that offers the latest technology - frame by frame film scanning -that assures you of the highest quality transfer possible. Take a look at our film transfer demo and you'll see the true difference. Our transfers are significantly crisper, the colors are far more vivid than other companies that use a "projector" method. Projectors have claws that dig into the film perforation and can damage the film and result in an unsteady image when viewed. Our frame-by-frame scanning system uses no claws and, as a result, our transfers are rock solid and cause no damage to the film whatsoever.

I'd like to view my film before I have it transferred. Can I run it on my projector?

Do not run your film on a projector prior to bringing it in for transferring. The probability that your film is quite brittle (due to age of the film) will very likely cause it to be damaged if it is run on a projector. If you want, you may feel free to use a magnifying glass or simply put the film up to a bright light and, with fairly good eye sight, you may be able to see what is on it.

Do I need to put my films in any kind of order?

If you want your films transferred in some kind of order, number them. Try to go by dates or other information on the boxes. If that doesn't work, you can always come back later (after the film transfer is done) and have the films “rearranged” through editing. Again, do not run the film on a projector prior to having them transferred.

How do I know how much film I have?

As far as determining how much film you have, you will need to bring it in to determine that. Once we see what you have, we can tell you exactly what quantity you have and the exact cost to transfer your home movies to dvd or flash drive.

How long will it take to process my film transfer order?

That can be determined when you come in. While our film transferring service is extremely popular, we do our best to complete customer orders in a timely fashion.

Can I see a sample of your work?

Yes. Click here to see the results of 35 years of film transferring experience.

Can you make additional copies of my film transfer DVD or flash drive for my other family members?

Should you want to make additional copies of your film transfer DVD for family members or friends, they can be made very inexpensively.

Can you add background music to my film transfer?

Yes. We will be glad to add background music at no additional charge

Can you add titling?

Yes. We will produce a free personalized title screen at the beginning of your film transfer. Additional titles can be added for a small charge.

Do you send my films out for processing?

That's a very important question to ask. No. All of our work is done in our facility which minimizes the risk of loss, mistakes, and quality control.

Is there a deposit due when I drop my films off?

No. Our policy is that we are not paid until we complete your order.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover as well as checks and cash.
Additional information is located on our Frequently Asked Questions page

Film Facts: Eastman Kodak invented 16mm film in 1923, Regular 8mm during the Great Depression in 1932, and Super 8mm film in 1965. Super 8 was at one point available with a magnetic sound stripe but was discontinued in the 1990's. There has been a resurgence of Super 8 film in recent years due to the advances in film stocks and digital technology.

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