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Let Put It On Video of the Des Moines, Iowa area preserve your old 35mm slides by having them transferred to permanent DVD or flash drive for convenient viewing on your TV or your computer. Our full digital slide transfer process for 35mm slide transfers assures you of the best quality attainable. No more setting up the slide projector. No more burned out projector bulbs. No more setting up the screen. Just place your DVD or flash drive in your player and relive your memories anytime-at a moments notice. We'll even add a free title screen and background music. This is a great way to preserve the images on your 35mm slides and archive them for generations to come.

Our 35mm slide transfer service will capture your images and take steps toward reversing the negative effects of storage such as basic dust removal and color correction. We use a special software called Digital ICE (Image Correction and Enhancement) to help enhance your 35mm slide image during the transfer process..


Can I bring my 35mm slides in carousels?

Yes. Do not remove them from the carousels. If necessary, we will do that. If they are not in carousels, that is perfectly fine also.

What resolution do you scan 35mm slides at?

Normally we scan 35mm slides at 1200 dpi. However, depending on your needs we can scan at a higher resolution if needed. We will be glad to discuss your needs and help you determine the best resolution for your 35mm slide transfer order.

I have some faded slides. Can you improve the color?

Although we perform basic color enhancement on each slide, we cannot guarantee that the color can be enhanced. In many cases, though, we are able to improve color.

Can you add music and titles?

Yes. Background music and titles can be added. We glad to assist you in coming up with creative titles as well as appropriate music.

Do you add any special effects?

Although the "sky is the limit" on "dressing up" your slide presentation, we normally suggest keeping it simple. Adding fades or dissolves in between each slide is a nice addition. However, over applying special effects can be a distraction to the viewers.

My 35mm slides are in metal frames. Do I need to take them out of the frames?

No. We will do that.

Do you send my slides out?

No. All work is done on our premises.

Is there a deposit due when I drop my tapes off?

No. We don't feel we should be paid until we complete your order.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We take Mastercard, Visa, and Discover (as well as checks and cash)
Please note: all of our services, including 35mm slide to dvd or flash drive transfers, are performed in-house. Nothing is sent out. That is an important consideration for most of our customers. Your precious memories (tapes, discs, films, slides, photos, etc.) are irreplaceable. Outsourcing them only increases the chance of loss and makes it that much more difficult to maintain good quality control.

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